Update on my car!Power still missing.


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Apr 9, 2002
Ok guys..

Fixed that exhaust leak from my headers, New KC clutch, 3.73 gears with some diff upgrades, and changed rear main seal!. Now the questions :D , My car sounds 100% better than when I had the leak (sounds like a mustang now), I'm not so happy with the gears though!, I don't feel much of a difference, did'nt really test it out to the max yet because I wanna break in the clutch and gears properly. I also ditched my bosh spark plugs and went back to Motorsport's (ford recomendations), I just need to swap the wires and ditributer cap for some ford racing ones. My compression was at 125psi to 115psi.

Now I'm still missing some power!! What can I do next to see what the problem is?..I know when I took out mu h-pipe It was BLACK inside, If I buy an adjustable fuel thingy, and make it run less lean. Can this cause lose of power??...Thanks guys! :nice:
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