Interior and Upholstery Upholstery shop near Pittsburgh PA


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Mar 13, 2019
Pittsburgh PA
Anyone here local to or near Pittsburgh PA that can recommend an upholstery shop? I need to get my drivers seat redone and possibly some work on my convertible top for my 89 GT 'vert. Thanks.

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I did my seats in my car off U Tube with stuff from LMR. Never done anything like that before, and it was fairly easy. Certainly rewarding considering they wanted eight hundred to do two fronts and rear in a 90 vert. I also did my own top. That was a little tricky, but I got very lucky. There are marks on the new top that match up with factory marks on the car. Pre made holes also match the screws that hold the top on. Here is the bast part. I got a really nice top with glass window for two hundred fifty bucks.....My estimate to get a top installed was twenty three hundred...So I saved almost three grand doing it myself. I say this only because a guy with marginal mechanical skills did it. LMR has a DVD on installing tops.