Upper Control Arm bushings on the rear


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Jun 21, 2003
Parkesburg, PA
Does anybody know where you can buy just the 2 bushings that are on the rear for the upper control arms. My new ones didn't come with those which I guess their all that way for some damn reason. I need to replace mine cause their all bitched up. I prefer energy ones but if i can't get them any poly ones will do beings i don't know what brand the control arms came with anyway

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I'm about to replace mine when I add my new LCA's...Alot of what i read suggested you use the OEM bushings on the upper/axle location...
Unless there spherical bushings most upper's don't come with the axle bushing..

Here is the Ford p/n...E4SZ-5A....bout 18.00 a pair.....
MysteryMachine said:
ok great thanks guys. Eh I got a tool its called a hammer lol

Hammer will be somewhat unless, specially if you miss and break the housing off the rear.......I read these are a mofo to get out, specially when its in the car...hence the MM tool....some burn em out....MM tool for 40.00 or drill a series of holes thru the rubber around the bushing...then get that big mofo hammer out...Let me know how it goes... :nice:
Question: how much would it hurt if i put oem ones back in there. If i could get a set at Advance i could have the arms done tomorrowpaint what needs to be painted and put the new shocks in i should be done by tuesday hopefully before that so i can start on the front
MysteryMachine said:
lol ok yeah theres a good bit of rust. wish i would have know there was another bushing i needed i would have ordered it when i bought everything else. nobody mentioned them ones

Ya that does suck....Even the FRPP HD ones like the stocker's dont have the axle bushing...just the front...W.T.F.
I had a mother of a time getting my bolts outta the lowers a fews years ago....the freakin bolts rusted to the inner bushing...took me 3 hrs to beat that bolt out....thats why I been putting these off.... :D
As I mentioned...most places will tell you to run the stock pcs...Poly creates alot of bind in that location...I know I read all over and the same thing kept coming up....
i liek to think on the pratical side of things when i buy stuff. I can't see spending 40 bucks for a tool I'll use 1 time. I didn't want to buy the ps pulley puller at first but the more i thought about it i figured I'll be doing a head swap someday i'll need it for that so i bought it. I looked on Advance's website it says usually ships in 1 day maybe i coudl get lucky and they will have a set i'll run up or give them a call i really wanna get that done today
Kinda OT but has anyone replaced there front lower control arm aka A-arm? I got a set of bushings that were suppose to be for that and 2 of them are big and 2 are small. Looking under the car where it connects it looks like they should all be the same.
oh well what a big help that was still can't put them in. This weekend was a total wash out as far as i'm concerned I wanted to have the rear done if not close to it.

Would anybody be willing to see what shipping like overnight would be on that tool so i could borrow it then send it back? I don't really want to buy one for using it one time