UPR or Speedhut?


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Nov 3, 2000
Riverside, SoCal
I think I've talked myself into reverse glow gauges...

but I'm still debating between the ones from UPR or the semi-custom ones from Speedhut, so I'm looking for some second opinions for you guys...

my 'stang is a convertible and I drive with the top down almost daily so visiblity on sunny days is important to me...

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I would go with speehut man, those things are awesome, I mean you can make them look however you want. I am gonna be getting a set from speedhut within the next few months.
i have wanted to go with the speed hut for about a year now, but i cant get passed the fact that their speedometer numbers kind of make the shape of a triangle instead of an arch. look closely at them the rpm part is fine but the speed dial is pointed at top, because they try to crunch all the numbers in.

if they would just make the first number stick out further then the second tand keep going like that just like stock they would be perfect. :shrug:
Here are the pics of my Speedhut Custom Gauges. Not a very clear picture, but not a good camera either.

i like the fact that you can customize your gauges at speedhut, but i don't like how they have their logo on them. i just don't like to advertise parts on my car. i mean it's cool if a logo is on seats like sparco, recaro, and cobra have...but other than that i just want to advertise.
Another happy Speedhut customer. I wanted black-face gauges which practically no one makes except Speedhut. My gauges are a big improvement over stock, and are exactly what I wanted.

I do agree with the comment that I would also prefer that Speedhut logo not be present. But that single logo is FAR better than the obnoxious SIX Autometer logos that come with the $400+ Autometer Lunar Cluster.
you cant tell how all of the numbers on the speedometer are all too close together? look at them.

i agree. the overlay i have only has 10, 30, 50, etc... makes it look much cleaner IMO.
pics of my gauges are in my sig, they are all over ebay for under $30.
also, blev why arent your needles lit up?
I didn't have the needles lit up because I wanted a clean shot of just the gauges. They light up just fine and look pretty sweet. They seem more red and gives a nice contrast to the blue. As for someone not liking the font, to each his own. Some people like apple juice some like orange juice. It's all a matter of preferance.

mransr~~~~ I have a vert, what's your question?
are the speed hut overlays hard to install? do they come with instructions?

even though i am not happy with the way the #'s are too close i still might get them and have speed hut customize them a little different.

do the needles have to come off?