Vacuum Line Diagram?

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fat line from upper intake to the tree on the firewall...from the tree you have an a/c line and a line to the brake booster...
one line goes straight from the upper intake to the fuel pressure regulator
one line goes from the front of the upper intake to the charcoal canister
one line from back of upper intake that goes into a blue check valve which then goes to tab/tad/egr solonoids

this is for an 88, but it was pretty much the same through all years. I think the later years may have had the tab/tad solonoids relocated
Mustang FAQ - Engine Information

After seeing the MAP sensor on the diagram I noticed that there isn't a vacuum line going to it. The connection next the plug isn't connected or has anything going to it. Also what plugs into the EGR spacer on both ends on those nipple connections becuase nothing is there either and are not capped.

Also the line going from the EGR Valve isn't plugged off or connected to anything.
correct...the map sensor gets no vacuum signal on mass air cars. Only speed density cars have a vacuum line going to the map.

the nipples on the egr spacer are actually coolant lines. one line comes from the black steel line running along the pass side of the intake, and the other goes straight into the back of the lower intake