Valve ticking during start-up?

Now I know there are dozens of threads on this subject, its just everybodies problem sounds slightly different than mine and there are different answers for every thread, now my problem is, when I crank up, my engine makes a horribly annoying ticking noise until the engine warms up after about a minute or two, now I cant tell if it ticks during acceleration or not, but how would I go about fixing this? Would a regular can of Seafoam hopefully seal the deal and get most of that gunk and carbon out of there or what?
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What year and model and how many miles are we talking about here?

You need to determine if it's coming from the front timing cover area or from one of the valve covers although a ticking that goes away as it warms up sounds like a bad lifter to me. Timing chains should make more noise than just a tick and a tick from a loose spark plug or exhaust leak shouldn't get better.