vehicle speed sensor


New Member
Dec 21, 2002
hello everyone,I been wondering if anyone could explain the functions of what, besides calculating our cars speed, does the VSS do? Am I right in thinking that it causes the annoying rolling idle? If so, is there a way to disconnect it and still have a speedometer,or is it able to be deleted by a chip or what?Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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yep (at least on foxes) the VSS tells the puter you are rolling and keeps the idle up while rolling to prevent stalling.

VSS is used for CC and is used on automatics, as i recall. might be used for ABS too - not sure there.

good luck.
Yep - the foxes can run w/o a VSS but i dont think the SN's (more puter control - e.g. electric speedo) can allow it.

good luck.