Very Unhappy With MSD Superconductor Wires!

This is the second set that have gone bad. I guess the crane ignition and blaster coil reak havoc on the wires, after about 3 months of use the wires begin arcing to any metal they come across basically the whole length of the wire. Anyone else have this problem?
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never had a problem with mine. i am not running a blaster coil though i am running a crane coil with the hi-6 ignition.have been thinking of switching though ever since i saw the stainless braided accel wires on summits web site.they look awesome.might be something the king of bling would like to add to his bling
If i was you I would go with; cheapest to more expensive. Taylors, Accels like someone said at the top of the post, or another good set is the performance distributer's firewires but kind of expensive
I put a new set of Taylor 8.5 mm spiral core wires on my car and notice the same thing. At night you can see the wires glowing anywhere there is metal touching. :bang: I can also see my coil arcing between the round center and the black frame.

I've tried three different coils. They all do it, one is my old stock coil too. :nonono: I'm going to try a friends 9mm Ford Racing wires this week.

Subscribing to see what you come up with. I'm beginning to think I have a ground problem or something. :shrug:
I have MSD 8.5 wires with their blaster coil and 6AL. All sweet stuff in my opinion.

You can see all three here.


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Same wires and same problem. However I had this problem with the 9mm ford wires and the Jacobs Ceramic wires. I am running a crane hi-6 w/ an LX 92 coil. DOnt remember if it did this with the stock stuff. However I am running about a .065" gap on the plugs and I think thats where the problem might be. And like you said in the daytime its fine but when you turn the lights out and pop the hood I see faint little sparks going everywhere. I havent bothered w/ it too much as I have not had any drivability problems from it. Although I think that there are so many sparks and a lot of juice going through the wires that I'm still getting plenty to the plugs.
i killed one set because i didnt route them far enough from my headers, but other than that i love the MSD superconductors, i'm running it with a blaster coil and pro-billet distributor
:p I don't know what that is. Is that the part on the back of the brace for the coil? I thought it was a radio filter device, but I could be wrong? :shrug: Or is this ballast thing somewhere else? If it's cheap and easy to get to, I'll buy one and try it.
It basically allows full juice to the wires and plugs to aid in starting the car. Then shortly there after, it turns the juice down to help plug and wire life and reduce radio noise...yada, yada, yada. i would think a local auto parts store has them. I'm gonna look into getting one myself. And yes I believe its the thing on the back of the coil bracket but I'll check my chiltons guide just to make sure, when I get a chance.
Make sure your wires are routed properly and it some sort of wire loom or holder, thats not metal, Then check for proper grounding. You may have to add some grounds. If you wires dry out and crack then you will have arching,
no matter who makes them..