Roush Video help PLEASE! (off topic I know)

OK I just bought an Olympus digital camera with video. It makes AVI's and here is my question. I have made several videos but the file size is HUGE! 1 minute of video is like 50meg or more. How can I make videos that aren't so large in size with good quality or how can I compress them so they come out being a smaller file size?? I see lots of videos that are well over a minute on here and they are not large files. I know nothing so all the help is greatly appreciated. I am running Windows98(second edition).
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Too bad you are running Windows '98. If you were running XP, I'd say use Windows Movie Maker to shrink the video. It allows you to save your movie according to a desired file size. I think the best thing to do is upload to video or similar video hosting site.

Almost all new digital cameras have a feature on the camera that is made specifically to upload to a computer. You should have a selection in the movie picture adjustment where you can change it from the "regular" large size format down to the compressed one for sending small clips over the internet. I promise, it's on the camera. You just have to find it.
George, the files you see online that are smaller in size are called MPEG's. If your more familiar with music, a 4 minute song is 40 mb or so, called a wav file, where an mp3 is the same quality but only 4 or 5 mb.

Your avi file is like the video version of a .wav format, and a video mpeg is like an mp3.

What you need to do is convert that "raw" avi file, to a compressed mpeg via software which does such a conversion.
I even did the search for you, now just download whatever software you want, some is free, some ha sa free trial, and the rest costs money to mpeg conversion&tag=srch