Vin# Please Help!!!

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i love mustangs lol wanna know what ever i can about them...i dont have the program but i did the first step and it only shows 8 records...thats not bad my car had 15 or something it was all clean though just transfered a lot of whats the asking price???

are you new to stangnet?? welcome if you are and be patient there is like 2 guys on here who can run them for you and it can take a day or so for them to read these
I guess you can say I am new to the boards... I haven't been actively persuing the boards untill 2 months ago. Although I have frequented here for almost 4 years. I'm just curious about the car you know how it is. It's a nice car, i'll let you know how much i got it for if and when i get it!!!