Viper 791xv Alarm system problems remote start and door trigger false alarm


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May 17, 2018
So first off I’m amazed but using the search bar I didn’t find anything for the door triggers. So basically whoever the original owner of the car was back in 2004 sucks because they never had the installer fix the problem. If armed the system goes off once an hour about every 30 or 50-ish minutes. Door trigger set it off. It’s zone three. Hopefully a Viper wizard is still around

Honestly at this Point I’m ready to just pull that wire from the Viper brain module. Except that I’m not sure if they’ll just make the remote not work. I figure at least then I would still have shock sensor and other sensors. I’m not sure what to look at to figure out what the fault is.

02 mustang So I heard aboutConnection corrosion possibly saying it off on other makes and found some on the driver door. That didn’t fix it. I heard about improper installation to the dome light wire instead of the door trigger wire setting it off also. But I’m not sure how I figure out if that’s what’s going on or not or how it’s wired. Seems like they did a pretty legitimate professional install on it because everything is clean and zipped up and taped up so I can’t see anything to trace any wires or anything.

My thinking is the factory alarm or the way the car works must communicate with the door lock to see what it’s doing and within an hour after shut down and then that sets off the Viper alarm system for a false alarm. The way my car is set up the dome light does not come on once I lock the car. Only upon unlock.

Question 2, I have the remote start module (Xcrs extreme capacity relay satellite) it has the main harness but no secondary aka H3 that runs from there to I assume the relay satellite on the Viper module ports.

so assuming it’s wired up which it must be why else would it be in there and I see it is wired into the starter etc. why does it not work? Is it because of the missing harness? That harness seems to run to the neutral safety switch and tach and all that. I mostly just want to use it for the takeover mode so you can leave the engine running but take the key out.
Thanks if anyone knows anything.
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