volt problems


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Apr 17, 2005
Hey guys i had to get reid of my ac delco and get a interstate batteri i have a electronic fan and msd 6al off it my car is bored 20 tousends over and i turn my car on then my fan and my volts drop to like half way the altanator is a stock replacement like 5 months old 40 miles on it or so please help :banana: :banana:
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Pretty easy. You can buy one on Ebay, like I did mine... From Alterstart... Lifetime warranty.. like 135 shipped for a 150 amp alternator and the bolt, and wiring connects you need. All you need to do is clearance the bracket. Do a search for 3G upgrade, and you'll find all the info you need. :nice:
though Nick's info seems pretty good to me, a little troubleshooting might be in order. if using the stock gauge, who knows what you really have. also, with a stock alternator and electric fan, i would not expect to see more than 'about half' at idle (most stock voltmeters range from 8 to 18 volts, so the middle is 13 volts, which is pretty decent for idling with the fan on, IMHO).

Nick's info sounds good for if you need a new one (or warranty your 'new' one out, if you dont want to spend $$). as i recall, a 6G upgrade does not even require clearancing the bracket.

good luck with it.
Hey guys, I have altantor not even 6 months old a brand new interstate batteri and, msd 6AL running off my batteri and, an electronic fan. I turne my car on and the fan, and my volts are at half way then I roll down the windows; The volts drop to about a quater of the way maybe a little more then a quater but anyways do you think it is a short and if it is were do i start looking and how?
Take your car to Autozone or one of the other big auto parts chains & have them check the charging system. They will do it for free, in hope of selling you some parts to fix any problems they find.

As for using the stock voltmeter, the middle mark is 14 volts. Every mark above & below the middle mark is worth about 1 volt. If it is one mark below middle, that is 13 volts, one mark above is 15 volts.

I recommend using a good quality digital voltmeter to check the voltage. It's a tool that will find many uses in the average 5.0 stang.