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Hi Marshall, how's it going. There's a guy up the road from my parent's place that is in the process of doing a '66 GT convertible. I know he's got a lot of new bits and I'm not sure if he has double-ups of any parts. I'll ask him next time I see him. Is there any problem with getting your old ones fixed up? Dad's got the contact details of somone who repairs these sorts of things.

I recently got my bars done at Argo Plating & Metal Polishing 44 Baldock St Moorooka. 07 3848 4034. They might be able to help also.
Hi Ozstang
Thanks for the response..... My stainless is ok but I would like to get a set of NOS trim as it would be perfect and I could keep mine as spare in case of accident.

Ive had stainless trim repaired by a bloke in brisbane too - he did a very good job.

I'll just see if i get a reply on NOs stuff.

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