Wanting to do Trade!

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Looks like its in nice shape. Personally I think it's going to take you a Looooong time to find the 1 person with a 96-98 cobra who wants to trade for a low milage 4eye. Those 4eyes ARE getting to be rare cars, but I think you will have much better luck selling it outright.
Check out www.foureyedpride.com and their for sale forum at http://www.foureyedpride.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=18&sid=b7f123a3ab9f518870dcfc4146fbe081
You should get some interest there.
Good luck and I hope you find your Cobra!
Yah, I figured it was a pretty good trade. Its just hard trying to find people that actually know how rare of a car I have...oh well, I almost had someone that wanted to do it, and by the time I pmed him he had sold his cobra the day before....DOH :bang: