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I went through this a while back. There are not many aftermarket Hi Flow water pumps made for the 94-95's. Edelbrock does not have one, nor does Moroso. I ended up going with Flow Kooler's (not sure of model #) hi flow unit for our cars and it works perfectly. I got it from Summit. It flows somewhere around 35% greater than stock, and has a flow reduction at higher rpm to prevent over pressurizing. I think it was like $125 and I'm pretty sure it had a lifetime warranty, but dont hold me to it.
FastFord said:
I have been using a Stewart Water Pump (high perf.) and I am really happy with it. It worked great in the Las Vegas heat!!
Stewart makes some nice pumps.
Shane hit it right on. :nice:

They hold up very nicely, can come on and off many times, and just seem like real good stuff. :nice:

Adam, it seems to me that a Stewart pump is what Rick runs.