Weighed: Pony Wheels Vs. Draglites


I've been lubing and pulling it all morning
Jul 18, 2013
Today I put on a set of weld draglites. Not jegs or summit knock offs.

*The tires are not new so weights would be slightly higher if newer tires were used. Also, brand and style of tires will vary. And weld specific lug nuts are heavier than standard lug nuts. But I don't have a good digital scale so my weights on these are not super accurate.


15x8 4.5" back spacing with 275/50/15 bfg radial t/a tire (worn tire) - 38lbs
15x3.5 165/65/15 bridgstone b250 tires (60-70% tread left) - 23lbs

16" Pony wheels:

225/55/16 tire (heavily worn tires) 44-45lbs.
*varied due to uneven ware.

Weld wheel lug nuts and washers: 12oz (set of 4)

Standard lug nuts: 4oz (set of 4)
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