Weight of Hatch and Glass on Hatchbacks?


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Jan 15, 2002
Dallas, GA
Has anyone ever actually weighted the hatch by itself? I know from changing my old hatch struts a few years ago, that thing is really heavy, but I am wondering just how heavy???
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If all else fails, I might just take mine off but I don't want to because the car is torn apart enough and it won't be easy. It's got to be heavy, real heavy. It's what separates the weight difference between a coupe style.

I ask because I am looking to get a fiberglass hatch with lexan window. I have been told just the fiberglass hatch with stock window removes 75lbs, I am sure the glass has to weigh a lot as well.
My question is are the fiberglass hatches durable for years of abuse? I need one due to a lost battle with rust :(
Wouldn't the addition of lexan make it like a feather back there though?