Weird cruise problem


New Member
Sep 25, 2001
Vancouver BC
So I hop into my car today as normal, get on the highway going to work, set my cruise control. Just starting to get dark, I turn on my headlights, WTF, my cruise cuts out, it won't work. So I turn off my headlights and try, IT WORKS. Anyone have any ideas why it cuts out when I turn on my lights.
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This is a long shot, but what the heck!

When I removed my cluster to lube my speedo cable a bunch of wires came out of one of the connectors for the flasher and rear window defogger. Well, I'm pretty sure I got all the wires into the right places on the switches.....haven't tried the cruise yet, but will. Anyway I noticed that some of the wires weren't used so these could be put anywhere in an empty connector place. Maybe someone had trouble like this with yours and one of the unused wires is in the wrong location?

Or have you checked your battery voltage when you put the lights on? Maybe it drops to low to keep the cruise on?

Good Luck, Don