Weird.....I want to drive her off a cliff

ok, the overflow tank on my cobra is a plastic pop bottle. The fluid is filling it up and than i loose fluid i think b/c there is no top on the overflow..its just open where the hose goes it. I found a little oil above the water pump....wiped it off and it hasnt come back yet as of today. Last night after the car cooled down i sqeezed the radiator hose and it was soft and empty. What is going on....i am 90% sure no blown head gasket or it just because its overflowing a lot..should it be doing that..or is it my water pump taking a sh1t?????
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Its normal for the radiator to put fluid into the overflow tank when its hot, and then as the car cools it will suck the fluid back in, thats why the stock overflow has "full hot" and "full cold" marks on it. I would say you need a bigger overflow, and make sure the hose that goes into it stops about 1" from the bottom.