welding in subframes


Nov 25, 2009
Columbus OH
alright I have my 90 vert sitting on jack stands since november rear end is out of car front jack stands are on control arms and rear are on subframe. you are suppose to weld them on with the vehicle loaded. My doors open and close nice and easy but my car isn't sitting on level ground either, think it would be okay to weld them in or do you think there is a possibility of the body being tweeked.
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Wait. Trust me! However, with the rear end out, now is the perfect time to stitch weld the upper/lower torque boxes!!

Also, make sure you have the FULL legnth subframes when you do it. MM or Steeda are good ones!
With convertibles being so flimsy you would definately mess something up welding them in with the vehicle on jackstands. Don't even think about it. What would probably happen is after you welded them in the doors would not shut properly.