Well guys

If everything goes right I'll be picking up another mustang tomorrow (saturday) morning :D

Andddd, it's a 2003. I didn't like the old 94-95.


It's a 94 GT. Black conv. top, white body.....



at first it kinda turned me away...then I got a picture in my head of what it could look like with a nice steering wheel and some other little things.

so, I'll post up pics when I get 'em. It's nothing compared to the old cobra...but it'll get there sooner or later...I gots me some plans with this'n :D

btw, completely untouched...down to the silencer
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Guys, please don't say bone stock when referencing a porno red interior. :D

Best of luck with it Clay. IIRC Wes's GT has the same body and top color scheme. :nice:

BTW, I actually thought you were going to say you got a Terminator.