Well its that time again...guess the terminators dyno #s!

What will the terminator put down?

  • <458RWHP

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • 458-475RWHP

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • 475-500RWHP

    Votes: 11 40.7%
  • 500-525RWHP

    Votes: 12 44.4%
  • 525-550RWHP

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Apr 29, 2004
Yep thats right after 2 months of not going WOT, im FINALLY taking her in to be tuned. :banana:

Yea yea I dont keep you guys (or really anyone for that matter) updated with what im doing with this car...not like I did with the GT. So let me fill you guys in so you can make an accurate guess :)

Just after I bought her I dynoed her.
Car put down 458RWHP and 471RWTQ @ 22*s timing with
6# lower (around 12.5PSI)
Self ported plenum (MY only mod...all others came with the car)
9inch cone air filter
Bassani O/R X
Bassani catback
Colder spark plugs
And a 91 octane tune apparently from someone that was tuning on a portable dyno.

SO now I added

1. 3.1 upper pulley (15.3PSI or so)
2. BA 2600 MAF (stocker was darn near pegged)
3. Fuel pump wiring upgrade (supporting mod...pumps maxed out after upping the boost)
4. Larger 12inch cone air filter
5. Self ported (8 hour job!) blower with tig welded air stabalizer plate under the blower (since I just got some pro porting bits :D)
6. Reported plenum (like said pro bits...was able to remove alot of material)
7. Slight portwork on front of TB with the inlet area polished smoother and post blade area slightly tapered out to *try* and get a bit closer to the size of the plenum.
8. Deleted PCV system...that was so I could fix a factory boost leak.
9. And a very important part...a 93 octane dyno tune by James @ RWTD

That should be about it. MAY throw in some new plugs..unsure on heat range, and will throw down some sea foam :D
I know this is going to be a HARD one to guess at, due to my selfporting...could help ALOT or could not improve a thing, or COULD hurt power, but thats what makes it fun right? :D

Any what would this thread be without an engine shot that was taken not too long ago :D


Feel free to take a stab at a specific # in your post....the poll was just for a general feel of what you guys think she will make. We always have fun seeing who can get the closest :D
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Quick question, did you run that 11.9 on street tires or dr's?

Ran that on 315/35/17 MT ET street radials (drag radials)...everything was just how I daily drive the car. I even kept the tire pressure the same after the night was over to a low 16PSI until the tires were done...ran about 20PSI before that and the first few passes.

lol o my......i thought you said you were done modding?? :shrug: :D

Did I say that? :D
I'm going to say right below 500 but.... you better keep an eye on the fuel... I didn't see anything in your list of mods about injectors or pumps (besides the wiring upgrade, Boost-a-pump?)... You may be dangerously close to running out of fuel with that combo.

James knows his stuff that's for sure. He's tuned my car on a couple occasions and I couldn't be happier.

Pretty tought to get the Eaton M112 over 500hp without nitrous....even if it is ported. I'm saying somewhere in the 475-500hp range the your accompanying list of parts.
The newest Stage V ported Eaton from Steggy combined with some bolt-ons and fuel upgrades has seen well over 500RWHP & RWTQ. Some as high as 525 SAE. Hell I made 465RWHP on the stock Eaton with just a 2.93 upper.