went to the track. unscramble my #'s


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Jan 31, 2002
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registered my car yesterday, took it to the track today.
first pass. r/t: .685 60': 2.499 1/8: [email protected] and 1/4 of 14.0@106mph
secon pass i shifted a little later and got--- r/t: .55 60' 2.312 1/8: 9.0@86mph and 1/4: 13.631@111mph
im not launching at all, just off idle start im on 17" z rated street tires @20psi tire pressure. im also only running 5psi on the turbo and 30#'s with the fmu unhooked till i do any tuning at all and raise the boost.
what do you guys think? this is full weight 1/4 tank gas and my sub box in the trunk with the spare and jack and tons of dynamat(last owner).

what 1/4 time is this good for if i get the 60's to like 2.0 or 1.9?
i was babying it today cause i wanted to be able to drive it home

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