Went To The Track W/ 4.10's,j&m Lowers, Drag Struts, New Pb

Its been a while since I posted on here but wanted to give a quick update. I recently installed some Ford Racing 4.10 gears, J&M lowers and Lakewood Drag struts and hit the track this past Saturday. My previous best w/ the stock 3.27 gears was a 13.54 103.17. I only got to make two passes but it was worth it. Here are my slips. I'm car 392. Very happy with the results for only being able to make 2 passes. I'm hoping w/ some more runs to maybe hit a 12 sec pass. I know my 60' needs to improve to get there though.

Run 1
.209 R/T
1.957 60'
8.663 1/8 @81.53
13.44 1/4 103.15

Run 2
.056 R/T
1.914 60'
8.531 1/8 @83.14
13.28 1/4 103.78

Here are my slips

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How do you like the Stage 2 cams? Was looking at those for the future. I just picked a deal on some longtubes, so hopefully gonna get those in in the next month or so.

Once you get longtubes you will never be able to own a car without them, they are night and day difference in power, and almost as good as gears in acceleration, and the cams compliment longtubes extremely well, with stock cams you can kinda feel the power band at the top of the rpms kinda nose over, with stage 2's it feels like a never ending climb in the top end power band i love them... Plus cant beat the sound of a lumpy cam haha
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