wetsanding ?

im repainting my ponies and i have really quick and to the point question. even though ive tried my best... ive managed to get little specs of nothingness on them that have some how magically made it under the clear coat. is my best best to sand off the clear coat- and wetsand between added coats ? the only reason i figure wetsanding would would is that it wouldnt take off the fresh paint. does this sound right ? would 120 grit be the best to get those littles specs off without taking the paint with it ?


EDIT: im not an idiot. im just bad at typing. i meant 1200 grit :]
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i used to detail for chrysler and mercedes a looong time ago....start off with the highest number grit you can get.....then work your way to a lower until u get the desired outcome...make sure you use soap...doesnt matter could even be dishwashing liquid just make sure the surface is very slippery...try to find something like a smal black of wood b/.c soemtimes use could be sanding an area then whn you done you see finger marks.....then buff it with course compund, then medium, the light, then a cleaner, then a carnuba based wax..should come out CRISPY!!...mercedes used to make me do that to there used cars everytime they got a trad in..i had to we sand the WHOLE car b4 they tried to resell it even if it had no marks on it!!.....