Body shop quotes for paint

I have known some people who moved to the Islands, living the dream..... None of them lasted over 10 years before moving back to the mainland..
I came to Florida 10 years ago ( Born and lived in Oregon for 57 years) with my job and was going to go back after it ended.... Home stopped feeling like home and it was friggin COLD... I stayed in Florida.....
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If you ever were a mainlander, 35 years is a long time on that little island
What's premium fuel going for on Oahu these days?
It sure gets cold in ME
I grew up in Maine. I understand winter. Gas here for premium is $5.85 a gallon. Almost as much as a gallon of milk which is at $8.99.
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Maine ain't bad. I lived most of my life in the PNW, except for 15 years in Montana/Wyoming. The hardest part of living in Maine for me is the Humidity. The 90*F days with over 80% humidity just kill me. I would much rather have cold/cooler temps. I can always put more clothes on, but can only take so much off before I am led away in handcuffs... The best part of Maine is the cost of living is much more reasonable, and much less stressful. Compared to the Seattle area, Maine is a homeowners paradise. 4 times the house for just over half the money.
I have a 2001 F-250. I have had it for 8 years. I bought the truck from my friend. He bought it new. The paint was always like new. It was never parked inside. Always exposed to weather, and the paint always looked new. Within 2 years of moving to Maine the paint went to :poo:. The high humidity and sunshine just cooks the paint. It is like focusing a magnifying glass on it. Now almost all of the clear is off the top of the hood/roof ect. I suppose it does not help that the truck is dark green, but still.
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New metal roof on my home went from 15K to 41K just a few months after Bidenomics..... Yeah I can believe it.... Look around EVERYTHING has gone up at least 50%....... And uh yes, I still need a new roof.....
If I could do a “like” as well as a “pissed off” to this post I would! 9% inflation SMH…. WTF…. There any other 3 letter combos that fit this ridiculousness we’re going through?
Sorry…. Usually don’t go political…… but can’t understand how either side thinks paying more for EVERYTHING is a good idea!
I am going to tackle the paint and bodywork myself. I just cant justify spending 10,000 for something that I probably could pull off. I figure about 1500 for the 5 stage turbine sprayer (low over spray, no moisture) that I could use for other projects around the house. I might go all eastwood base/clear. A lot of guys talk about doing the prep themselves to save a buck, but that's the hardest part. Painting should be the fun and satisfying part and I'm not letting some other guy piggyback off all my hard work. Check out the youtube channel Paint Society. Its full of great tips for beginners. I will post pics when I get to that point in my build.
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See...wasn't joking.

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And instead of the current administration trying to formulate a plan to get all of this nonsense under control, they are busy raiding the home of a former President. How exactly is that gonna help us??

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Honestly, the best way to get your car painted is to crash it these days.
The only way most body shops take a car is that they are forced to by the insurance companies they do all the work for.
They are all over run already with that type of work.
The only car guys that manage to get a car painted in my area either work at a body shop or use maaco.
Last time i talked to someone reputable to paint my car it was 10 grand and i had to be on the waiting list for a year (at least).
Painting is fun
This is my buddies chopped top 41 Chev we sprayed last week
This is not the red I would have used but turned out well
Took 3 of us and several 30 packs
Like I've always said... You've got to keep those painters just the right amount of buzzed
Painting is only fun if you have the room or a hook up on a booth..... Trying to paint in a tiny garage with no room attached to a house is something I would never do again. I need property and pole barn lol.
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I painted my Jeep with a Fuji stage 3 HVLP. It turned out good but if I had to do it again it would be perfect


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