What 4 lug front rims?


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Jan 12, 2000
Ocean Springs MS
I am starting to think about some nicer rims for my 82. I have Draglites on the 79 and love them, but just want something different.

I want to stay 4 lug so that they will fit both cars and want skinnies on front.

So far the only 4 lug 5 spoke looking rims I find are Centerline Convo Pros and Bogarts. But I don't think the Bogarts are good for the street.

Anyone have other rims, and specifically, any experience or recommendation for the Convo Pros?
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There are more Centerline and Weld rims available in 4-lug. Some others to check out are the Centerline Warriors and the Weld Rodlites.

I liek Centerline's build quality and thinner hubs better, but Weld offers more sizes.