What aftermarket exhaust system sounds the most like stock?


Mod Dude
May 2, 2006
I know this is a really subjective question but I will ask it anyway:

I have BBK shorties and the matching o/r H-pipe coupled to the factory cat-back on my otherwise stock ’95 Cobra. The exhaust system sounds great. It got a lot louder once the cats were gone. I was really surprised by how mean the stock muffler can sound. However, it could be louder for my taste and the 2.5” mandrel bent pipes would be nice to have on deck for future upgrades. Also, 3+ tailpipes just look meaner than the stock 2.25”s!

The question I have is what aftermarket cat-back system sounds the most like the stock Cobra one? I love the way the car sounds now, but I would like to upgrade for the reasons mentioned above (louder, future mods/power potential and better looking tail pipes).

Thanks in advance for any responses, whitecobra95
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