What are the best tires I can get???


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Jan 14, 2009
Lakewood, WA
I'm making 440 rwp right now and will be going with a KB supercharger and expecting about 600 at the wheels. The car is not going to be daily driven. It will only come out on nice sunny days. I'll probabaly take it to the drag strip occasionaly but that's all the racing it will ever see. I'm looking for a tire that will hook up with that much power. Also, something that's good on the street. Not too concerned about cost or treadwear, just want the best I can get. So far I've been looking at some Toyo Proxes RA 1's R888's and Nitto NT 05's. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
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Lots of people say Mickey Thompson ET Streets are the best at hooking at the strip, but I have no idea how they do on the street.

I think the Nitto NT-05Rs are supposed to be pretty good stuff as well. The regular NT-05s are OK at best. I rode in a LS2 GTO with a set on them; while they were only 255 width, they were not very impressive to me at all. He couldn't hook it at all in 1st, and just barely could in 2nd, and this is a bone stock, automatic LS2. They honestly didn't seem any better to me than my regular Nitto NT555s (same size). I think the NT-05s are for road racing, whereas the NT-05Rs are for drag racing.

I've also heard good things about the BFG drag radials (can't remember the name).
If cost and treadwear are of no concern to you and your ride isn't going to be daily driven then go with the NT05Rs. I have a set of those on my 600+ rwhp 09 GT500 with 3.73's and they hook better than anything I've tried so far. Just get the biggest contact patch you can given your tire size and model year and you'll be happy. I'm running 305's at the back on my Shelby and they are pretty damn sticky.

I dont think they ride as well on the road to and from the strip or for short cruises around town, but again, they sure are sticky. :D

FYI I ran both NT555R's and the stock Goodyear Eagle F1 supercars before these and the NT05R's are way better than both for hooking em by far IMO.

Hope that helps!
i have MT radials and the are great tires for hooking up!

the new toyo proxes TQ are good for the money. my friend has them on a turbo SS making 550 and they will dead hook in 1st.

M&H makes good DR's as well.

i would stay away from the 555R's. they arent as grippy but they do give more miles.