What are the best tires I can get???


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Jan 14, 2009
Lakewood, WA
I'm making 440 rwp right now and will be going with a KB supercharger and expecting about 600 at the wheels. The car is not going to be daily driven. It will only come out on nice sunny days. I'll probabaly take it to the drag strip occasionaly but that's all the racing it will ever see. I'm looking for a tire that will hook up with that much power. Also, something that's good on the street. Not too concerned about cost or treadwear, just want the best I can get. So far I've been looking at some Toyo Proxes RA 1's R888's and Nitto NT 05's. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
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All that HP etc means zip nothing if you cant get the ass end to stay put and planted. Assuming you've put a decent lowering kit in it already, Go with the Goodyear F1's. The lowering kit puts a bit of needed weight in back and will cut down considerably the trademarkMustang wheel-hop problem. I've done the Pirellis and Toyo Proxys. Pirellis were decent, the Toyos I didnt care for. The car just seemed to wobble left and right too much. Have nver done Nitto. The F1's stick great. Excellent tire. Pricy..1200-1400 for a set..Shop it a bit but dont take too long. Real hard to get as you head into late spring/summer. I use 318's on the back and 275's up front. 318's are as big as you can really go on the stock wheels. Its plenty of tire anyway. Bonus: When you look at the car from the back, those 318's look totally bad-ass!!:D
If you're making 600hp and want the best tire for traction, ignore all the "all season" tires on the market. You're going to have to go with a drag radial. My dads Cobra makes roughly 600 at the wheels and that car blows the tires off (315/35-17 BFG KD's). Nitto and Mickey Thompson both make a drag radial that would work better than any of the major tire brands. I managed a major retail tire store for 3 years and the Nittos and Mickey Thompsons gave us the best results.
Even on a sunny day if you run drag radials on the street and hit some loose sand or gravel you will get owned.

Most Mustang owners run BFG, that is what I run and I like them. However, my car has never seen the track.