What colours for 01+ GT's?


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Apr 4, 2005
To the Mods - "Not sure if this is techy enough to be here, if not please move to talk, ta."

What colours where available for 2001+ Mustang GT's? I've tried to find a listing, but so far without success.

Ford name/descriptions and paint codes will be welcome. Plus if you have a picture of a particular colour why not post that too.

Cheers :nice:
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ford colors for 03=azure blue, sonice blue metallic, true blue metallic, silver metallic, black, dark shadow gray metallic, torch red, fire red metallic, tropical green metallic, oxfor white, zinc yellow

as far as 01-02 if the exterior colors were carried over from 00 =atlantic blue, black, amazon green, bright atlantic blue, crystal white, electric blue, laser red, performance red, silver, sunburst gold

not sure of 04-05, hope that helps