What Do I choose?!?!?!


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Sep 8, 2018
Miami FL
Hi community, my name is Joaquin and I live in south Florida. I can't decide between getting a pp1 Mustang GT or a pp2. I really want the pp2 because it is overall a better car but I am worried about using it as a daily driver since the tires have a low tread life and may be dangerous in the rain.

What should I do.

Also, does anyone know how I can get the custom exhaust note from the Bullitt. It seems it might be the gt350 intake manifold or maybe it is the tune that causes the exhaust to backfire much more. Because if it's possible to make the pp2 have the Bullitt components it would be perfect.

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Jan 11, 2007
For a DD you need to go with PP1. PP2 is a track car and you are right about not driving in the rain with those slick racing Michelin tires. Both PP1 and PP2 will have you at the tire dealer within the first year of ownership so start saving!


Aug 3, 2003
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The PP2 is decidedly track oriented, but does not have a differential cooler. So, the diff gets hot after 2 - 3 laps and you have to stop or kill the differential. So, while track oriented ... it isn't really a track car unless you add the diff cooler and a few other things.

You can add a diff cooler, but it is a pain. The pain is NOT installing or routing the cooler. It is getting the oil line connected to the differential.

That being said, it will likely spend 99%+ of it's time on the street. Only you can decide if the little track time you get is worth the steering hassles with 305 tires. It isn't to me, and I went with the PP1 car (it will be here in late Feb). I will fit it with 285-35R-19s all around (so I can rotate the tires) and will have fun at infrequent track days. Good luck with your decision! Cheers.
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Feb 13, 2017
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The bullitt gets the ford racing stage 3 power pack, which includes the gt 350 intake manifold, the gt 350 cold air intake and an 87 mm throttle body. Put that on your GT with the active exhaust and you've the same as a bullitt.