What do you imagine my timing should be set at?


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May 6, 2006
I have a '65 289, rebuilt as a 302 roller, 650 Carter AVS with vacuum advance (Edelbrock), Stealth Intake, Mallory Distributor, Moderate Comp Cam, Roush heads (World Products), 1.7 Rockers, Electiric fuel pump with 5.5 psi and a return, HiPo cast iron exhaust manifold with 2.5" Magnaflows.

What dictates where the timing should be?

Is it strictly cam driven or do all these factor into the equation?

What do you imagine the timing at Idol should be?

My ignorance is showing, be kind!

Thanks guys,
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That's why they call it "dope"
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Dec 6, 1999
BC Canada
There's alot that will influence timing.

As a general rule of thumb, you want about 12* initial timing and 36* total.
This would be for a 9:1 compression, iron head, regular fuel, small block.


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Aug 21, 2002
lubbock, texas
bottlefed gave you a pretty good starting point. thhis is the wasy i do it, i set the initial timing with a vacuum gauge to get the highest vacuum reading and lock the initial in there. then i'll curve the dizzy to give me "X" amount of mechanical advance to reach the goal of 36-38 degrees total timing.

for instance my enegine likes about 14-16 degrees of initial timing and then 22 degrees of mech. adv. to get 36-38 total timing.