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Feb 23, 2004
I recently thought to going to a 306 short block but decided not to. Instead I plan on getting the trick flow package from summit. Which comes with TW heads, 1.6 rockers, push rods, timing chain, stage 1 cam, upper and lower track heat intake, all gaskets, and valve covers. Plus I going to go with 1/2 or 1 inch spacer, underdrive pulleys, and if budget permits a chip. So how does all of sound. Also what kinda of guesstamaded HP do think this will do with current setup.

I forgot, I also plan on putting in the 3.73's I've had for 4 months now.
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Yeah, that's not a whole lot of miles on it in. The only thing you might want to do is get some new lifters. I guess it is cheap insurance and since you are there... What injectors are you going to run?

The injectors are fine..going beyond the 24's is REALLY not needed..I would not go larger unless your spraying that little girl. You should also look at a set of long tube headers.
94indy said:
thinking of going to 30 or 36's. Not sure if I will though

No way, too much fuel is not a good thing. Stick with the 24's, it's all you need for that setup unless you planing on supercharging or going with NOS. Oh and when you're done fighting with the EFI stuff, talk to me. You could have done this alot cheaper with a good carb setup. Good luck! :nice:
Why are you buying a tfs h/c/i package when you already have a typhoon intake and a steeda cam? You have a cobra so it comes with 24# injectors so you cna reuse them. You CAN run 30's on a 302 just fine. I did because the 24's weren't enough.

I think you need to do some more thinking. If anything just buy the TW heads and get a custom grind cam and keep that typhoon intake.
With your plans definately keep your 24's...they will flow enough for you...the 30's cause problems (I would know...I have them on my daily driver).

Get 24's...

Get some AFR,TW, heads...and a different cam (that steeda might hit with the bigger valves with the aftermarket heads)...

Get the typhoon ported (the lower)...

Good Luck!
The stock computer dictates fuel variables and doesn't allow an injector to run outside of its duty cycle:
24# to 335 flywheel (286wheel)
30# to 450 (375 wheel)

With a 306 the 24#r will be fine ... running a 331+ with the TW heads, then 30's :nice:
thanks for all the input, grn92lx made a good point on the package deal. I wasnt thinking, I am going to go with the heads and cam, instead of the whole package. I figured it up and with the heads, cam, rockers, gaskets, custom chip, other small stuff i'd come up to about the same price as the trick package. Thats why I like getting advice before jumping into stuff. Plus I know I need to check compression, cause whats the use for all the other stuff if your bottom end is looking like crap. But as for the reason for changing the cam, I going to 1.6 rockers which will put the steeda to .480 and with the trickflow it will be .499 lift, plus looking at the specs the trick flow seems a little more aggresive than the steeda. Reason I got the steeda in the 1st place was cause of the computer in my car, but if I get the custom chip it should fix the problem with the trick cam.