What dye are you guys using for your interiors?


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Mar 21, 2001
Boyertown, Pa
I got an extra interior for free and it is in really good shape, but it needs to be dyed. What dye are you guys using that works well and it reasonably priced?
25th your interior is dyed right? and Ryans too? What good dyes are you guys using? Thanks a lot.
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the duplicolor cloth and vinyl works awesome... just use a mild degreaser and scuff it well before application..thats the key


4k miles later and about 8 months later.






and since it was done it sits parked beside the garage in the sun...


As far as the fabric goes, I've seen folks use plain old Rit dye (like you'd use for T-shirts and stuff) in a spray bottle with some water, and it came out pretty well. Just something to maybe consider, if you plan on doing the seats and such...
That looks good Ryan. Did you paint the door panels too? How are they holding up?

i dyed everything but seats and carpet...holding up amazing. its all in the prep. take your time and it will be fine.


and a few be fores...i know for a fact my interior was alot damn dirtier then any of yours could be....take your damn time then you wont be back here 3 weeks later bitching because it flakes off.






I have heard that SEM dye is the best. My father-in-law used it years ago on his 69 GTO Resto and it held up for better than 10 years. This is what I am planning to use on my interior in the next month or so. Will post pics. It is available from Levine Products for about $10-11 a can. Depending on how much you are doing they also have it in quart size for a sprayer.
I put the duplicolor vinyl dye clear over mine and it didnt work as well as I had hoped. I dyed the original opal pieces that charcoal grey and I cleared over the dash pad after I painted it. I figured it would stay shiney that way. when it gets really hot the clear gets kind of sticky where as the areas I didnt clear are fine. mebbe I just got a bad can or what I dont know, but it's been over a year now and it still happens.
I don't think I am going to have to dye that much. I have

2001 Midnight black Carpet, Dash, Seats.

81 midnight black headliner (recovered)

87-93 Black door panels, sill plates, kick panels, and trim.

I will being painting the rear quarter trim panels. I have my brown 81 quarter trim panels, but I also have some maroon 87-93 quarter trims I might use. The 81's are different looking, I have to decide which to use.

Also guys, I want to paint something yellow on the interior. I was thinking of painting the 2001 radio faceplate in yellow. Yay, or Nay?
Idk SVT, painted stuff in there just never looks right to me. Neither does wood grain, and a lot of times Stainless isn't my thing.

I do think it would be a different look, not for me, but if done right and what you want, that is the best place to paint.