What else could it be!!?? help please

This weekend I installed new front wheel bearings/rotors (cause the rotors were old and fugly) and MOOG balljoints, trying to correct my problem. The problem is when i jack my car up and grab the wheels at 9:00 and 3:00 there is a fair amount of play. there is very little play @ 12:00 and 6:00.

Besides the balljoints and the wheel bearings /rotors which are now brand new, what else COULD be causing this? :shrug:

by the way my car is a 91.
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Umm... trying not to be cynical but is it just the steering you're feeling? The only thing keeping the front wheels from moving on the 9/3 axis is the steering linkage. If you don't believe it to be part of the normal steering movement then you should check the tie rods and all linkages connected to the rack and pinion.
i tightend the wheel bearings as per spec in my manual with a torque wrench, plus the are brand new as well as the rotors and ball joints.... so the only remaining parts that it could be are the tie rods.. they are getting replaced as soon as my new tires get here.