What exactly is "claybar"

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It's a bar of clay that you use on your paint to clear up imperfections. You spray quick detailer on the car and use the calybar to "pick" up all the little nasties that hide in your paint. Makes the paint VERY smooth. You can pick up a kit at just about any auto parts store.
It is kneadable, kinda like silly putty if you remember that, it works really well, farly quick, maybe an hour or less for the entire car. You can just feel the little nasties coming off and afterwards the paint is super smooth
I have never tried the clay bar method, but I am going to give it a try this summer. Will probably buy the Mothers kit. I keep my stang nicely waxed with a good quality wax that also cleans the paint too, so it will be interesting to see if and how much improvement it makes to mine.
speedfreak98r said:
About how much does it cost? And how many uses can you get out of it?

If you buy the Mother's kit, which includes clay bar, the spray that you use with the bar, and a small bottle of wax, it costs $17.00. It takes me about 7 hours to clay bar my Mach and wax it. It takes me forever, but I just go over it slow to make sure I get all the gunk off the paint and then wax it. You can get alot of uses out of the bar, just make sure it does'nt slip out of your hand and fall on the ground. Once it does that, it's wasted. Don't use it or the stuff it picked up on the ground will scratch your paint. I usually drop it on the ground at some point, so 2 uses per bar is the most I've ever gotten out of 1 bar.
The clay that you use to clay your car is actually a type of plastic that all made in a single factory in Japan. Of course, there are different formulas (abrasive content, texture, etc.) for different clay suppliers, but it is still made in the same factory. The clay has a very fine abrasive in it (way too small to worry about) that shears off contaminants that stick above the surface of your paint. After a couple passes the clay has done its job, leaving your paint as smooth as a baby's butt, or glass, whatever your persuation.