What Is This Thing!!!!!!

95' cobra
i have this thing with a plug connector that ends in 2 wires red and black on the front passenger side fuel rail.

dont think it's a fuel pressure regulator because that is behind the intake manifold on passenger side
i think it may have gone to a gauge or something? the wires were cut and inside the car was a fuel psi gauge, vacuum gauge, and a lean/rich gauge.

what is this thing!!! trying to remove it as i am restoring the car to its factory condition w/ bolt on only.


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Was doing some reading on SN95 fuel hoses and fires (posted a thread last week) and some of the Cobra guys were asking about hose replacement and their "fuel pulse damper." Apparently it's a "round metal thing on the return line" exclusive to Cobras -- no one seems 100% sure what it does or if it's needed. You might have a sender there (can't really see, but if it's screwed onto the fuel rail schrader valve it's probably a sender... if it's in the return line it's probably that "fuel pulse damper").
Yeah, it's definitely a sender for an aftermarket fuel pressure gauge. I would look at the numbers on it, and do a google search. It might actually be valuable. An Autometer electric fuel pressure gauge and sender kit will run around $200, so even the sender alone could command a pretty good price. If you are not using it, take it off and sell it. The wire in your and is some sort of crimped on lead for something aftermarket not in use anymore. Toss it.

If the wire is black/white in color, it is probably the O2 sensor ground. Bolt it down to one of the intake manifold bolts.