What is this vacuum connection for? (pic)


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Jan 14, 2001
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I know where all the lines go under the hood but where does it connect to inside the fender and what are they for? I am going to be putting a victor 5.0 manifold on which has no egr provisions. Was wondering if I could removed the entire thing when I change the manifold?
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That black rubber block with the 4 plastic vacuum lines are for emissions.
They get the vacuum from a vacuum reservoir under the passenger side fender.
Actually there are 2 vacuum reserve canisters under the passenger side fender, the rearward canister is for your HVAC, the other canister above the tire is for your emissions.
I'll assume that your other emission equipment that plug in to the rubber block have been eliminated and if that's the case then yes you can remove the canister.
Just make sure to plug the vacuum line at the back of the upper manifold, it’s right next to the vacuum port for the fuel pressure regulator outlet.

The HVAC canister has it's own source of vacuum so unless you're trying to remove the check valve for some reason you won't need to run a another vacuum line to the HVAC vacuum canister.
Thanks. I was under the assumption that the vacuum line next to the fpr vacuum line was for the hvac. Good, now I can remove that ugly vacuum connector when I swap to the victor efi.
Your HVAC vacuum comes from the large rubber hose from under the upper intake to the large Vacuum T at the top of the fire wall on the drivers side, and from there goes across the fire wall to a check valve and then continues to the reserve canister in the passenger side fender.