What Kind Of Fuel Regulators Are You


May 11, 2005
running? Im having problems with my Carter carburetor running rich. I
was told to check my fuel pressure. I was thinking of buying a fuel regulator
and a gauge to check this out first. What would be a good regulator that
wont break the budget and also a fuel pressure gauge? Whats the best
way to run the setup from the fuel pump to the carburetor?

Thanks for the Help

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Jul 13, 2002
Queensland, Australia
If you're running a standard mechanical fuel pump there should be no excess pressure issue as they don't usually deliver a high pressure.

The most inxpensive check is to see if the float level is set correctly (don't ask me how to do this, because I don't know!)

Next I'd be checking the needle and seat. If this is worn out a correct float level won't be shutting the fuel inlet off properly.

Otherwise, it might simply have the wrong jetting in it. Has it just gotten worse or has it been this way since the carby was installed?


May 11, 2005
Sorry for the long post, **need some help***

Ive had this problem since Ive Installed the carburetor. I was running
a tunnel ram with 2 holley 450s and the engine ran great and Idled great.
I would have some hard warm starts with this setup. Im running a 302
with a 4 spd by the way. I switched the tunnel ram out after I took the
engine out to clean up and paint and do some transmission work. When I
Installed the engine with the Stealth manifold and Carter 625 I got the rough
Idle and white smoke that burned the eyes and It just didn't run great. I
thought maybe I didn't get the intake manifold sealed up right so I tried
that same problem. Thought maybe a head gasket so I took the heads
off and resealed the manifold with the same problems. I did a compression
check and the cylinders averaged 165 to 170 per cylinder. I also did a
leakdown test with around 15% leakdown that seemed average. All the
Spark plugs had alot of black soot carbon on them and thats why Im thinking
the carburetor is running rich. I dont really care for the Carter anyway because it has a manual choke. I was thinking of going with a Holley Avenger 570 or 670 cfm with the Electric choke. The Engine is built up and has a bigger than stock cam. I bought the car this way so Im not sure of the cam size. The engine does seem to have good power except with the
Idle and the smoke. The car sat awhile before I installed the carb also so
There could of be some crap in the fuel tank that maybe got in carb. Since
then Ive replace the tank with a new one.

Thanks for Any help given
Im at a loss as what my next step is


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Aug 3, 2001
SF Bay area, CA
Clean out the needle and seats then check the float level while you have it apart. Some crud might be stuck in the needle and is holding the float down. If the car's been sitting the float may even be stuck in the down position and just needs a good push back into place.

It doesn't hurt to try the "bang carb with a screwdriver handle" trick before taking everything apart, though. Might just be enough to unstick something.


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May 24, 2005
Rowland Heights,California
I used to have a Edelbrock carb,and it was always getting dirt in the needle/seat,but I have electric pump and,the tip on those it run the carb dry to suck out the dirt,it says so in the manual.I now have a prpped holley for a blow through.Also have a regulator F/S