what kind of rearend


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Nov 1, 2003
Ok i was thinking about getting a new limited slip rearend and i'm not sure what one i want or what is better band for the buck. right now when i turn i hear a kind of moan noise come from the stock one and i don't know if it makes a differance but i have stock gears in my 02 GT. but i'm pretty sure its the trac lock thats the problem. so if you could hook me up with some info on some rear-ends and possibly axles.

also this is a daily driver that isn't going to see any power adders or heavy modification. thanks for the info in advance SrA Fowler USAF
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If it is under warranty let Ford deal with the noise.

If not put some 4.10 gears in there. Have the installer rebuild the track loc while he is in there.

You do not need to upgrade the axles.
well it went out of warranty a month ago. but i really don't think i would ever put 4.10's in a daily driver. the highest i would go is 3.55. but thanks for the input. but as far as the rearend part of it i think its the trac lock part that is some how getting hung up in locked position and the noise is the clutches slipping.