What Kind Of Sound System Do You Have In Your Convertible?


Apr 28, 2012
Fort Belvoir, VA
Just wondering.. When I had my 89, I had 2 10's in a box in the trunk, and it took up the entire thing. It wasn't a custom box. I had a nice stereo and speakers up front but cannot remember what they were.

My 91 has 2 6x9's in small boxes behind each seat on the floor with aftermarket JVC.

What I would really like to do in replace all the speakers in the car with something that sounds crisp and pure. If I can get away with something that has some descent base, I won't worry about getting subwoofers. If you have subwoofers, where do you have them? I am thinking a custom box in the trunk would work, but you will probably still lose the majority of space in there. Anyone do anything underneath the rear seats?

Just trying to get some ideas. I think I want to do a complete overhaul of the stereo starting with the head unit (I'd like bluetooth capable, aux out, and something with nice graphics), replace all of the OEM speakers, get rid of the boxes on the floor, get a nice amp, and somehow get some bass without putting a huge box in the trunk.
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I had a 8 inch tube style box in the trunk with a small amp, for what I listen to that was enough. Now I has just the stock stuff that came with it, I like the exhaust note these days.
It's a vert. It's noisy. It's never going to sound hifi unless your sitting at a traffic light. Even then you're secretly listening to your pipes.

O.k. I like the idea of not breaking the bank. On my end I just upgraded my rear speakers and adjust the fade to leverage them. I bought a mid-range Dual (the brand) head with decent power, CD, HD radio, BT, iPod control and left it at that. I never saw the need for thumping bass. My setup sounds O.K. and is plenty loud enough to cut through the wind with the roof down. Streaming music from my iPod works great, but taking a call is a lost cause if the roof is down, and at best is iffy if the roof is up.

My recommendation is to temper your expectations and not spend too much money. But then again, maybe that's just cause I'm going deaf!