what kinda gains with long tubes??

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I am surprised that you dont have aftermarket headers as it is. You have heads/cam/intake but left the stock headers?? :shrug:

anyway, some long tubes will do nicely on your set up. expect more torque from the set up.
It will be a noticable gain since your engine combo could sure use a good set of header's instead of those stocker's which aren't bad for a stock engine but a restriction on an engine like yours. Possibly a 20+HP gain could be in the work's with both the header and exhaust install.
You will see a difference no matter what, definetly more then what a stock engine would see in gain's as your combo is more in need of a good header/exhaust set up.
It will definatly help. I have BBK LT's 1 5/8ths into thier 2 1/2 H pipe into 2 chamber delta Flowmasters with no tailpipes. I did heads and all first also. The sound difference with longtubes alone make them worth it. It's not much louder cruising or at idel as it was with stock headers and stock H pipe, but when you open it up especailly above 4K rmp, wow. Yes you will gain some horsies, not to mention the mid range tq.