what makes the 5.0 wrap ?

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Remove AC, PS pump, smog pump, go electric WP and electric fan and run a short belt from your crank to the alternator. Minimum drag. Put underdrive pullies on the remaining crank and alternator. Then get roller rockers, synthetic oil and get a SMALL not a large carb. Like a 500 or a 570 for THROTTLE RESPONSE.

The 1050 deamon will make the car an utter dog. It will barely run until you spin it up to a few thousand.
re crazypete yeah i think those are all great ideas also since i do have all those acc still pulling my engine down i am really against pulling the fuel injection though i had so much bad luck with carbs . i also see you got the crane hi 6 + ls coil over MSD< products
i like the underdrive pulleys and flywheel ideas. the problem with a heavy flywheel is it takes time to spin it up to higher rpm's. with a lighter flywheel it will spool up quicker if i can use that term. getting rid of paricitic drag by going to under-drive pulleys will also help with reving quicker. don't forget gears. 411's will rev quicker then 273's. personally i found that my 373's are a great gear.
Just take your belt off the tensioner and see how differently it reacts with zero accessories. Just dont leave it off too long or you'll have a dead battery and overheating engine. You can get a forward rotation WP (83 tbird 302) for Less than $20 reman, proform elec fan for $120 and a new belt for $40 to bypass everything else. Not much $$$.
get rid of any accesories running off the serpintine belt that you can live with out.
under drive pullies.......
electric fans.........
electric water pump.......
you know things of that nature
my engine is pretty solid lotsa pull thanks guys i have a goal thats not too far from my reach the 100amp alt will prob be 1st i can run it right away then work towards the less draggin electric stuff the water pump thing foward rotation ? will it accept the serp belt also ?