What might be a good offer for this II

I normally am not a biiig fan of IIs...but I do love the Machs/sportsroofs/cobras. I found one I am tempted to find the owner of and try to purchase. The car is a '77 sportsroof. It has its original green paint which has alot of surface rust but nothing too bad. Needs a new rear bumper. Has a 302/C-4. Car is completely stock. Here's one thing I really like. Nice fancy white interior...and the weird part is...its like no one ever sat in it. I cannot begin to describe just how good the interior of this car is...its like factory brand new which baffles my mind especially for being white. The car has about 70k miles and has been setting at least 10 years I know of. It's at an abandoned house and I think the owner left it at the old place to get it out of his way. Any ideas what a good offer might be? I say I could drive it home if I put some new tires on and got some fresh gas and battery.
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Jan 26, 2004
Nelson, BC, Canada
Low ball him and see what he says. Obviously with the way it's just sitting there he doesn't care about it. It's hard to say when you should walk away from negotiations. I'm no expert on the Bluebook but the II's are approaching the 30 year hallmark and have become a rarity, so the value should go up a little bit soon. Obviously the condition of the car is important. Most of the run down stock cars I've seen go for around 600 to 1300, so long as they run and are in decent shape. On the other hand, I saw a Cobra II listed at $9,800 on Ebay but I have no idea what it actually sold for or what the reserve was. I would want it in mint conditon with heated leather interior and a kickin sound system for that price:D

Before you go down this bunny trail though, know that it is very difficult to find parts for these cars. They're almost all gone, and the aftermarket is, well... :rlaugh:
Part availability is one reason I am attracted to this car. Every bit of its there, not a dent or ding just surface rust. Needs the rear bumper though. I'd assume it would need suspension/new fuel system, engine freshened up. But bodywork and paint could be done in 3 or 4 good days and once again...interior is flawless.


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Jun 27, 2002
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I'd say definitly snap it up! GEt the lowest price you can for it. Since it's been sitting so ong just say Hey I been thinking about a fixer upper, how bout 100 bucks? Then go from there... Now you and I know these cars are getting rarer by the day. I have seen restored ones go for up to 17K. Actually it's prolly worth about 1000.00 as is. More if it's running. But for sure get it! It's one of the coolest cars to have and own.