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Jan 9, 2017
I'm currently trying to buy my first car. I'm looking for a Ford Mustang preferably 2000-2017. I don't know to much about mustangs, Im looking for something fast and has a good interior . I also plan on modding this car a lot too. I want to get a V8 manual . I'm currently looking on the local Craigslist , but there's not a whole lot to choose from considering I'm from Nebraska , so if you have any other suggestions on places to look for locally used cars , please let me know . My budget is 8,000.
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Welcome to stangnet.

$8k? Lots of choices for that dollar amount.

Do you like the edge mustang look ('99-'04) or the newer S197 ('05-'14)? $8k will get you a really nice edge GT, or a decent S197 GT (though the newer the year, the less chance of a GT).

Be willing to travel to surrounding states to find a good deal, that will help in your selection.
I like the look of the edge mustangs ('99-'04) I have been looking at a few 96' Cobras and a couple of 2004 Mach 1's . Is the Mach 1 better then the GT version ? Also if I were to get a GT, what year of the edges is better? ( performance )
If you can get a Mach 1, get it. You MIGHT find one for $8k. They're holding their value really well.

In your shoes I would go for one of those over any other choice you have, but you'll be lucky to get it for that price.

Go for the '00 or newer GT. Ford changed the intake and a few other things that really needed attention in '00.

What you might consider doing is posting a new thread in the '96-'04 general talk subforum asking the guys there their thoughts about the different models. That way you can talk to owners of the specific vehicles you're looking at.