what one?


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Feb 11, 2002
Madison, WI
Pioneer DVH-P5000MP
DVD/CD/MP3 Receiver




Alpine CDA-9835
CD/MP3/WMA receiver with CD changer controls




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I would say go with the Alpine, generally speaking they have established a better name for themselves in the world of car audio. In terms of features, they both seem decent enough, however I would vote alpine because it has 3 preamp outs. So if you plan on adding any amps to your system later, this will be the better option. However, if you dont plan on adding any amps/subs, then the pioneer will be fine because it still has 2 preamp outs....just something to think about. My head unit has 3 preamp outs, and when I bought the head unit 18 months ago, I didnt even know what a preamp out was, and now, I have used all three.
both are bad ass, i like alpine personally, and its 26 watts rms 60 peak is a little more power than the pioneer (22/50), so really its up to you, in my opinion the alpine is will be better sounding (more power/preamp outputs) but the pioneer has video
Either one is a quality unit. I personally prefer Alpine, but the Pioneer has the features you're looking for. Check into Blaupunkt and Panasonic for the same features at a possibly better price. Clarion and Eclipse will be good also, but chances are, they'll cost even more than the Alpine.

OHHHHH, I forgot about the new Rockford Fosgate heads. Made by Denon at unbeatable pricing. Check on those, too. Denon = :drool: