what should i do next??????


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Apr 4, 2010
hey guys i have a 2001 mustang 5spd and im thinking on what to add. rite now i have bbk tb, plenum, pulleys and cai, diablo programmer, pacesettles LT headers and 4.10 Ford Racing gears, i feel like an addiction to be adding things on my car but i don't know what to do next any ideas will be appreciated!
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yea you definatly need to get your suspension done if yo plan on adding more power...id start with a short throw then throw in a nice set of springs like h&r supersports then get some tokico hd shocks and struts..theyre cheaply priced and well worth it

then grab maximum motorsports full length subframe connetctors..the best you can buy and the cheapest price...buy the bare ones for $118 then buy a can of your choice color spray paint...the powder coated version of these are $149...then you have to sand off the powdercoat to weld in places so save your money and go bare and spend like 5 bucks for some paint..i bought black bbq grill paint for mine...very nice paint and was like $3.50

if yo decide to get cams id say either hitech stage 2's or cushman stage 2's..keep in mind with htechs you wont have to change out your valve springs so thatll save you some money