Engine New to camshafts...what all do I need to purchase to do it right?

Hello all decided I want to put a cam in my 90 5.0 and I have no idea what all I need to purchase, or what a good cam is. Would anyone be able to help me in what all I need to purchase to make sure I do it right. I believe so far would be cam, lifters valve springs and not sure what else. I read that a good mild cam is the Ford B303 or E303, is that the case (what are good lifters/springs to use with these?) or is there better options?

Car has stock heads, full exhaust/headers/xpipe. With the cam I will also be purchasing 3.73 gears with the cam as well as some ignition tune up parts. Should I also do intake man as well? Currently has 53,xxx KMS on it so not too worried about a tired engine, just want to spruce up the noise and maybe add a little power.

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Sorry, but it will be a complete waste of time and money.
Doing the cam right means matching it to the intake and heads.
Since those parts are stock, the stock cam is fine.
This is a really good thread on this very topic:

It is a long read but well worth is as the OP is doing the work himself. If you cannot score a set of GT40 heads and upper and lower intakes off of an Explorer in a salvage yard then you may be better off buying some better aluminum heads in the market place on here. You can spend a lot of money on the GT40's really quick if you cannot do the work yourself which would about cover a good set of aluminum heads that would outflow the GT40's.

Thread on one of the members here scoring a set of GT40's and the upper and lower off of an Explorer up your way:

Depending on the cam specs, if the ramp rates and total lift isn't that much more than stock, you can get away with just swapping the cam. At a minimum, you should check pushrod lenght, and possibly ptv clearance and always degree the cam.

A more complete cam swap would involve the cam, and replacing the springs on the heads to match the specs of the camshaft. To go a little further, the timing chain and lifters can be changed.

Whatever you do, degree the cam before you button it up. Poor guy on corral last week put a new cam in a stock motor, just did "dot to dot" and ran the motor and ended up putting valves into the pistons somehow. Did not degree the cam, or check PTV. Don't be that guy. Check
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