What Was Your Cost To Install Rear End Gears?

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Sep 2, 2013
I just got a new 2014 Mustang with a 2.73 rear end and purchased a 3.31 gear set and pinion bearing. There are 2 Ford dealerships near me one that from personal experience I wouldn't poke with a sharp stick and the other about 40 miles away in a more rural area seems to have a good reputation for honest service. So I called the second Ford dealer and asked for a quote to install my gear set and re-set the speedometer and they just called back with a quote of 8 hours at $100 per hour and they would need it overnight for the sealant to dry.
Every resource that I have found indicates that this should be a 3 to 4 hour maximum job.
What have you guys and gals experienced having rear end gears installed time and price wise?
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I usually charge $350 labor and that includes changing all the bearings even at the axle. How are they recalibrating the speedo?

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Okay so let's hear the story. Why are you changing the gears in a brand new car when Ford will put any gear in there you want at no charge? (Yeah I know the Torsen diff costs more ). And those 8.8 rear ends are hardly rocket science. The only way I'd have the dealer install a new gear is if they didn't void your powertrain warranty. I don't exactly know what it takes to recalibrate the speedometer in a 2014 but I'm fairly certain messing around in the computer is a warranty no-no since it affects the odometer too.
It's not like the warranty lasts forever. Unless you feel your car will require major repairs within 3 years/36k miles of ownership, it's not a life altering decision. If you purchased a 5+ year extended warranty, then voiding the warranty would be silly. I'll have 36k miles in no time (I drive ~15k/yr).

The power train warranty, if you do your research and upgrade parts with better-than-stock, you'll buy yourself reliability. Warranties are good in case you have a manufacturer defect or recall, but if you're intent on modifying your car to perform better and strengthen weak parts, you should not worry. People with heavily modified cars push their cars to the limits. Thus, in time, something will break down. If you don't go crazy and do it right, i.e. "mod responsibly" lol, you can have a reliable car.
Part of the cost of a new car is the warranty. Ford vehicles have a 3 year / 36 k mile bumper to bumper warranty and the powertrain has a 5 year / 60 k mile warranty. If Ford determines you recalibrated the speedometer/ odometer good luck with any type of warranty coverage. That means power door locks, heater blower motors, that goofy sync and maybe your transmission aren't covered at all. If this car was a few years old or he was building a race car that's one thing but to void your brand new car warranty to install a grocery getter 3.31 in place of a 2.73 is absurd.
Bob, I have no idea what you are talking about. I never mentioned anything about warranty nor am I concerned about the warranty. A Ford dealer installing Ford parts and re-setting the speedometer does not affect the warranty. I said NOTHING about tampering with the speedometer myself. Nor am I interested in your opinion on my selection of a 3.31 ratio. It fits the intended use for my vehicle. Try actually reading my original post.
My SOLE CONCERN is why I have quotes from 3 dealers now to swap the rear end gears and reset the speedometer ranging from a low of $800 to over $1100 when all resources indicate that it is a 3.5 to 4 hour job. When I lived in another state and had a different Mustang I had a Ford dealer change out the 3.08 in my rear end to 3.55 and reset the speedometer and the total labor was well under $400 at the same hourly rate.
It's the same 8.8 inch rear end and the hourly rate is the same so why do these dealers want $800 to $1100 to do this? That's my question not warranty concerns.
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